Surely There Is Meaning to Life | Heavenletters

Surely There Is Meaning to Life | Heavenletters

Beloved, sometimes you feel that you might prefer to be unhampered with dates and time and minutes and miles. Such precision seems to be a nuisance and get in the way of actual life. You feel pinned down, and you would rather be free from such attention on all that which often seems to be beside the point and gets in your way and occupies so much of your life!

Sometimes you would rather write with a stick in the sand. Then, when the tide comes in and goes out, much would be erased. There would be less that you would have to keep track of and have on your mind.

Isn’t all of life Let’s Pretend anyway? You have heard me allude to this. You understand that there is Infinity, yet Infinity is all at once and needs no filing system. Infinity is somehow permanent, you hear, yet how do you really know when time itself is not?

You do take Me at My Word that this reputed Infinity actually does exist, yet what is all this time about anyway and having to locate it or having lost it or never having had it in the first place or barely having an allusion to it.

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