Opinion: The Death of (the Old) Kanye – BROTHA WOLF

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Opinion: The Death of (the Old) Kanye – BROTHA WOLF

But sometime within the last few years or so, we saw that Kanye dying. He was drifting off to sleep, no longer woke. In its place, we have a doppelganger, a clone programmed with alt-right logic, a head slightly deformed to have a growth in the shape of a red “Make America Great Again” hat, believing that “slavery was a choice” and wanted to abort amend the 13th Amendment and a bizarre “brotherly” and now “fatherly” love for the hater of common decency and intelligence Donald Trump.

We saw signs of Kanye’s mind coming apart in interviews and Tweets. We saw how his colossal ego was as fragile as wet tissue paper. We saw him rant in circles for minutes on in. We watched as a pro-black artist was replaced with a clone with the same body but is mentally broken and willfully ignorant.

Arguably, we’ve seen the deterioration of Kanye’s gift and mental stability in his recent albums. His most recent ones, including his latest Ye, left mixed reviews. Some listeners were puzzled and/or disappointed. They felt that Kanye didn’t deliver, especially an explanation into his pro-Trump madness. They considered it another further decline in his talent as they believed was the case in his previous unfinished album The Life of Pablo. Now with the album he’s currently working on Yandhi pushed back until November, this gives more impression that something is definitely off about him musically. And if that album ends up being worse than Ye, it will likely be curtains for his rap career.

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