An alt-right, all-male, racist, anti-semitic, pro nuclear group aims to join Liberal-National politics


Is Australia’s ruling Liberal-National coalition even more in danger from the extreme right-wing than we thought?    This all-male crowd likes violence – fighting (The Lads Society), racism, anti-semitism, and of course  – coal and nuclear power.
Manifesto reveals alt-right’s plans to go mainstream after ‘infiltration’ of NSW Young Nationals, Background Briefing , By Alex Mann

The ABC has uncovered a covert plot by Australia’s alt-right movement to join major political parties and influence their policy agendas from within.

Haircuts and hatred

Inside Australia’s alt-right movement. Who are its members and what does their manifesto reveal about their political ambitions?
Background Briefing has witnessed members of the NSW Young Nationals in Sydney attending a secret men’s-only fight club set up by some of the country’s most prominent alt-right nationalists.

The program has also gained access to a private Facebook group in which these same people discuss their manifesto…

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