Nuclear reactors DO have a harmful impact on coastal environment, despite the false claims of the Australian nuclear lobby


Paul Richards ‘     Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 12 Oct 18    Of course none of this has any impact on plants built at coastal locations…” Robert Parker, speaking about release of nuclear reactor’s hot water into sea.

Dismissing this saying no impact is simply, false.

Nonetheless, that fact, is subjective to whether an individual or corporate group values the earth environment in saying: ‘there is no impact’.

Because it is a matter of record there are three major outcomes.

1. The temperature increase in the bodies of water can have serious adverse effects on aquatic life.

2. Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water, thus discharge from once-through cooling systems can create a “temperature squeeze” that elevates the metabolic rate for fish.

3. Additionally, suction pipes that are used to intake water can draw plankton, eggs and larvae into the plant’s…

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One thought on “Nuclear reactors DO have a harmful impact on coastal environment, despite the false claims of the Australian nuclear lobby”

  1. This is what Bloody Genocidist Henry Kissinger, Close Buddy of Fuko the Clown and DOE Sec Perry, are upto now

    France, Japan, The USA are hauling in trains and trucks, millions of pounds, of the worst radioactive waste through ports and across the USA to Texas . IT is stored in West Texas. Megatons of the most dangerous, poisonous, evil shit on earth trucked and trained across every corner of the USA. Hauled on unsuspected roads and railroads, in murica. One rupture could wipeout a small town.

    The most dangerous shit on earth. Each cask has tons, of the highest level radioactive poison on earth. Full of Strontium 90 , radioactive cesium, plutonium and more.

    Any small amount, can be made into nuclear and or dirty bombs.

    It is stored in the flimsiest containment, on a concrete pad, in one of the hottest places in America by Midland.

    If one of the thin casks ruptures, or it sets off a fire, it can cause multiple ruptures of the huge casks. It can cause fires and perhaps explosions. So much hi level nuclear death, dangerously stored, in the flimsiest containment, in one place. Never done before.

    A catastrophe can ensue that will poison Texas, NM, Ok, Co, Utah, Arizona. As if those states are not contaminated enough. The catastrophe will affect Mexico too. Nobody gives a shit, in Murica or Mehico. Bidnessas and massive corruption as usual.

    Remember how WIPP blew in New Mexico? Those drums of plutonium in kitty litter. They could not access it for months.

    Three, large hi level casks in idaho blew up, in recently.

    The company nuclear waste company is owned by Henry Kissinger of Nixon neocon fame. Of course no regulations binding bloody Henry. So is above ground concrete pad, in Texas owned by Kissinger.

    Remember the SCi Fi show , Space 1999 from the seventies. The base story of the show was a massive explosion of huge amounts of plutonium nuclear waste. In the show, set in a future later than 1978, massive amounts nuclear waste stored on the dark side of the Moon Blow up. It knocks the moon out of orbit.

    We know now, that hi-level rad waste is very volatile. Generates its own heat. The radionuclide alpha, beta, gamma, and neutrons degrade containment relatively quickly.

    The waste may not cause criticalities, but could poison millions. How frikin stupid is that?

    The attorney General of texas, is getting kickbacks. So is the Rump family and Rick Perry. Just when u thought it might not get much worse, with the trump turds.

    A 1000 tons, already there. Stored above ground, in Texas heat.


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