India Sealed Deal For Russian Air Defense Systems, Six Nuclear Power Stations, And More During Putin Visit; US To Be Held Financially Liable For Disaster Caused By Defective Russian Nuclear Parts Under CSC

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India is the world’s largest purchaser of arms and Russia its biggest supplier” (Anjana Pasricha-VOA news)

India signing the CSC (Convention on Supplementary Compensation) was pushed for by the US-India Business Council when Asian Indian-American Richard Verma was their lobbyist. It finally was ratified a little over a year after Verma became US Ambassador to India. The CSC is supposed to make the US liable for picking up part of the cost of a nuclear disaster in India. The only beneficiaries of this Convention are those selling defective nuclear equipment (including fuel), which Russian government owned Rosatom and/or its affiliate companies have apparently done in India at Koodankulam. Since Russia is not member of the CSC they would apparently pay nothing for disasters caused by their defective equipment.

During the Cold War India was allied with the Kremlin, which is why the US ended up allied with…

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