Britain cuts incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles under Conservative government

Britain cuts incentives for electrics, hybrids

In a move that looks like replacing carrots with sticks, the announcement comes two months after the country launched its “Road to Zero” plan to ban sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2040.

Britain’s Department for Transport announced on Friday that subsidies for electric cars would be cut by about $1,300 (1,000 pounds), and that subsidies of $3,300 (2,500 pounds) for plug-in hybrids will eliminated, according to The Times of London (subscription required). Existing incentives for electric cars are about $5,900 ($4,500 pounds.)

via Green Car Reports Britain cuts incentives for electrics, hybrids

Just like many Republican Conservatives here in the US, they hate everything renewable, including electric vehicles and their owners. Instead of helping to move society forward, they are doing everything that they can to drag society backwards into the coal age, maybe even back into the Dark Ages.

Republicans these days are all about hating, cutting, destroying, blocking, cheating, stealing, rigging, greed, sexism, racism, and bigotry, while claiming that they are the victims.

This victimhood is strange indeed, as they have absolute control over all branches of government, the military, the courts, and most state governments.