Let’s Review: How We Know Climate Change is Human Caused

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Do we have to do this again? We do.

Due to high demand from journalists and others as to the “Sure, the climate is changing but how much is due to humans?” – talking point rolled out in back to back interviews from Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio – experts Stefan Rahmstorf and Andrew Dessler have offered some tweeted primers.

Stefan Rahmstorf:

How do we know global warming is human-caused? Because we know where the extra energy that heats our planet is coming from. Through changes in the energy budget of Earth – that’s how much radiation comes in, how much goes out. The change in this is called “radiative forcing”.

Possible causes of radiative forcing: changes in solar activity, in volcanic activity or greenhouse gases. The latest US Climate Assessment shows how much each of these contributed. See The human contribution is about 100%…

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One thought on “Let’s Review: How We Know Climate Change is Human Caused”

  1. I used to think the Koch brothers and their PR firms were to blame on all the mis-information around climate and industry effect. I know about weather modification and spraying aluminum bits all around etc. but I still think there is a massive industrial effect that needs 90% rein in ….
    Anyway … I am quickly changing my blame over to Cambridge Analytica and their funders…. after seeing this

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