Trump and Saudis conspire to cover up murder of Washington Post journalist

Saudi beheading protestors

Trump and Saudis conspire to cover up murder of Washington Post journalist

Trump has also gone out of his way to disown Khashoggi. Even though the journalist was a US resident and lived just outside Washington, DC, every time the story has come up Trump has insisted on pointing out that Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian citizen. But Trump’s efforts to protect bin Salman go beyond just claiming that the “relationship” with Saudi Arabia is important, and the life of Jamal Khashoggi is not. Trump is hiding intelligence related to Khashoggi’s murder even from Senate Republicans. A scheduled briefing was canceled and no information is being shared with the Senate.

It seems crystal clear that Trump is giving Mohammed bin Salman time and room to invest any alibi he can think of, and that the Saudi “investigation” is the only investigation into Khashoggi’s death that the US will reference going forward. Trump fully intends to let the murders package up and excuse.

There are important reasons for the United States to protect the relationship with Saudi Arabia. But what’s showcased by Trump’s assistance in covering up the murder of Khashoggi is how deeply distorted US–foreign relations have become under Trump. Trump is not concerned about the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia as nation states whose goals overlap and diverge over a period of decades. He views this as a personal relationship. It’s not the US and Saudi Arabia. It’s Trump and bin Salman. And Jamal Khashoggi … was a critic. For the Washington Post. That’s solidly in the “my friend the crown prince” vs. the “fake news.”

Trump can’t get outside of his personal, business relationship with a man he views as his partner in “winning.” And his reaction is to protect that relationship at all costs, even if that means that the nation states involved suffer irreparable harm.

via Daily Kos Trump and Saudis conspire to cover up murder of Washington Post journalist

AGR – Getting rid of protesters and people who disagree with the ‘royal family’ is nothing new. The ‘justice’ system of Saudi Arabia is used to beheading people who disagree with the prince or king.

Despots and dictators do things like this, not democracies. Why is it so hard to believe that this same despotic tyrannical prince also got rid of and beheaded just another critic?

So far, Trump has defended tyrants, despots and dictators, but attacked those leaders and countries with democracies. Is that a US value and foreign policy now?