McConnell Blocked Release Of CIA Report, Warning Of Russian Interference In 2016 Election

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Author Of ‘The Apprentice’ Talks Of Getting Trolled And Sourcing Stories : NPR

He finally gets into a conversation, a private meeting, with Mitch McConnell, and we write about this in the book. And Brennan feels like he’s coming to these leaders with frightening information, overwhelming information, solid intelligence that shows that Russia has this objective. They’re trying to screw in our – screw up the election and trying to install Donald Trump. And in – he ends up in a shouting match with McConnell because McConnell’s reaction is something he just – Brennan fails to anticipate and is deeply troubled by.

McConnell is saying, well, if you – basically tells him, if you come forward – this administration comes forward and accuses Russia of trying to help and – help elect Donald Trump, I will consider that interference in the election. And I will call the administration out on that. I will accuse the administration of trying to interfere in the election. I mean, it’s astonishing. Here’s the Senate majority leader being told that Russia is interfering in the election. And he’s saying, I’m not willing to issue any kind of statement or take any action that would let the public know that, but I will accuse you of interfering in the election.

GROSS: You write Putin had weaponized intelligence. McConnell and the GOP weaponized denial.

via Author Of ‘The Apprentice’ Talks Of Getting Trolled And Sourcing Stories : NPR

When you get ‘owned’ by money, you sell your soul to the dark side. Republicans took dark money, and souled out. Anyone who cannot see that is blind, deaf and dumb.