The Lily of Life | Heavenletters

The Lily of Life | Heavenletters

Yet how powerful is perception. There is something new you could be learning. Please do not persist in carting around the idea that all is lost. To have a glimmer of good fortune to look forward to also has a basis. Wars are won. The truth will be told. No matter what, you, yes you, can be SOMEONE GREAT. You are!

Yes, it takes courage. Lean toward courage then. Lean toward belief. You could be right. A life you desire isn’t always a pipe dream.

How could Abraham Lincoln become President of the United States? From a realistic point of view, some might say that such an idea amounted to foolishness.

Did Lincoln have the desire to be President of the United States during the Civil War? Could he have dreamed of it or not at all? Lincoln was born in the backwoods. He didn’t even learn to read until he was twelve years ol

There are undreamed dreams that also come true.

Is there not an expression in the world: “Anything can come true?”

At present, life is not a certainty anywhere on the scale.

And someday soon, it will be in style for all desired dreams to come true right before your eyes.

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