Will Trump’s withdrawal from nuclear INF treaty spark an arms race?

Will Trump’s withdrawal from nuclear treaty spark an arms race or Russian compliance?

President Donald Trump was widely criticized this weekend when he announced his intention to scrap a landmark nuclear weapons agreement signed by President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. The deal was designed to keep ground-based nuclear missiles out of Europe.

via Will Trump’s withdrawal from nuclear treaty spark an arms race or Russian compliance?

Republicans used to be about conserving things like peace, but are now totally for war, while they are against any treaties, agreements or international laws.

Chaos breeds more right wing extremism, which is good for Trump and his Neo Nazi followers. This withdrawal will help spread war and chaos globally.

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  1. Japan is in such a mess. The worst case scenario has already occured in Japan. It can happen in America. What makes foolish people think it will not occur in America as trump 1. Bails Nuclear Treaties, 2. Deregulated The Nuclear Industry, 3. Lowers standards For Radviation Exposures, 4. Allows Japan and France to ship the hi-level waste to the US, Where it is dangerously shipped along with the worst nuclear waste in America 5. In the flimsiest-unregulated container 6. To be stored in the open-air on a concrete pad in the hotest place in America, in Texas?

    A fuel pool fire and-or a meltdown can easily occur in America from increased occurrences of hurricanes in their dangerous dinosaur fleet. America is already inundated with radionuclides but, a flood of radionuclides, will push it over the top.

    There will be a 30 thousand tons of high-level, nuclear waste in New Mexico, next year and several thousand tons of more Hi level nuclear waste, by Midland Texas.

    The stuff in New Mexico is for a notoriously unaccountable shit firm, called Holtec. no one even knows who owns it for sure.

    The one in Texas is from Henry Kissinger’s company. The Kissinger Company gets a sweetheart deal. Unregulated. The highest-level nuclear waste oorly stored in badly assembled casks. The lids, of those said casks are not even sealed properly. 3 similar casks exploded in Idaho recently. What will happen, when a hundred explode outside in the Texas sun?

    It is like organ reserve. We are born with two of everything and a big brain and liver. When the creep goes to far, you just die or get cancer. It can happen here. The whole country a huge inflamed cancer cluster, irrevocably riddled with high percentages of birth-defects and sterility, like some towns in the United States, already are.

    Many people in America and Japan know how bad it is in Japan! Minimizing, cover-up at it’s worse has been the imperative cause of the Japanese government for 7 years !
    Such has always been that way with the nucleoapes
    There are enough radionuclides in Japan to wipe-it out 100 times over! And yet, It will not happen overnight. A slow hideous death-knell.

    The latest and largest nuclear waste scam in the USA is owned by Henry Kissinger, the worst neocon in history. Encouraged by Trump and Perry. Henry Kissinger, the NWO king. The b.s. memes of the trumpeter, do not even make sense anymore. Kissinger’s Company is a huge unregulated and, poorly managed scam waiting to be catastrophic.

    Japan is a terrible mess.
    Watch Busby’s video about Cesium 137, in an apartment airfilter in Tokyo. Look at Kaltofen’s numbers, from car and air filters tested in Tokyo and Yokohama!

    There are many-many sick people in Japan. People get acute radiation sickeness with dust-storms and when it rains in Yokohama.
    It is getting worse.
    3 reactors, discharged their contents into the environment . 1 or more fuel pools with zirconium-clad rods, caught fire. A thousand times, worse than Chernobyl can be extrapolated simply by the volume of material released!
    Maybe it did not kill the Pacific all the way. It left hot spots

    The pacific is already badly damaged and, over-fished.
    The massive Fukushima tragedy did not help! The pacific is poisoned, from years of bomb testing, chemicals and, dumping of other radioactiive trash into it.

    The Pacific is big but, not too big to be affected by Fukushima.

    Japan is screwed. Most people with any sense would not visit Japan or a lot of places in Russia, China, even India but, most people are stupid or brain-washed or have short memories.

    The fuhrer-man Trump is set to pass emergency legislation, to make it mandatory to subsidize coal and old- crappy reactors. Whether before or after the election. He has backed out of the nuclear treaty, that banned medium range nuclear weapons!

    Trump is good buddies with Abe. Trump does nothing to block millions of tons of radioactive water, from being dumped into, the already sick Pacific Ocean.

    Trump always supports the proud boy browns shirts, to go to the streets. To foment racism and violence in the United States.

    If people protested nuclear, in cities, in the United State , I shit-you-not, Republicans would call for them to be rounded up. Cops would round them up and prosecute them with the rule-of-law. That’s the Trumpsters new meme. Screw-The-First-Amentment. suspend free speech, unless it is for violent racist neo-Nazis! Enforce the Rule-OF-law on any opponents and protesters. Hold Tribunals after the midterms to deal with the traitors! Just criminal violent terrorism at its worse! It is the new republican and Trump meme all over twitter and the internet now!

    That is what this election is about.
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    6:29 PM · Oct 21, 2018
    Richard (RJ) Eskow
    Richard (RJ) Eskow
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    That’s probably the point.

    Trumps supporters call for military tribunals on opponents. People like real-antinuclear-advocates. They are called instigators.

    Proud antinuclear advocates, like Helen Calddicott are derogatorily referred to as Social Justice Warriors. That is because, they talk against turning more areas in the USA and the world, into Nuclear- Industrial-Sacrifice zones.

    I guess the proud trump supporters calling for Tribunals, will have to extradite people like Helen Caldicott and Chris Busby. Why do so many of you people buy into the hate and violence put forth by those fukers? Military tribunals for opponents. Rule of law for protesters unless they are racist criminals. America is in a super-dangerous place, now!

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