What do Doctors Learn in Medical School About Vaccines?

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What do Doctors Learn in Medical School About Vaccines?

This lack of knowledge about vaccine ingredients and how vaccines can affect immune and brain function should be of particular concern to anyone getting a vaccine from a doctor.

“You’d be amazed at the number of physicians, you ask them what’s in a vaccine?” said neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD. “They’ll say, well, there’s the bacteria, the virus you want to vaccinate against, and then there’s a little immune stimulant in there to help stimulate the immunity so they react against those viral antigens.”78

Dr. Blaylock points out:

They don’t know about these other chemicals in there like formaldehyde, special proteins, special lipids that are known to be brain toxic, that are known to induce autoimmunity in the brain. They’re not aware of that. They don’t know that MSG is in a lot of vaccines―monosodium glutamate, a brain excitotoxin. They’re not aware of what’s in the vaccine they’re giving.78

“We learned what [vaccines] were, what the diseases were,” said Joseph Mercola, DO.

“We probably learned more about the diseases and, of course, everyone accepted the dogma that vaccines work. There was just no critical analysis about the pros and cons. It was never discussed, let alone the side effects.”4

via Vaccine Impact What do Doctors Learn in Medical School About Vaccines?

It turns out that the average person on the street who does a few hours of research online, knows more than the average doctor with a medical school education, about vaccines.

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    “The only thing we learned in [medical] school was that there was a program and that we should follow that vaccine program. As to the vaccine itself and the contents of the vaccines, no we didn’t study that. We assumed that what the pharmaceuticals, that what they did and the CDC accepted, that that’s the way it is.”

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