Bearing Witness at Trump’s rally in Missoula, MT

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Bearing Witness at Trump’s rally in Missoula, MT

Maybe it was the music – and I’ve got to say, I was quite surprised when the loudspeakers (at unspeakably loud volumes!) blared Mick Jagger’s Sympathy for the Devil. That song’s ominous implications took on particular significance as the evening wound on. I don’t know who chose that song, Mr. Trump, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the message was that we should have sympathy for _you_. But, music aside, the energy in that hangar was ugly, and frightening. It was as if this crowd of otherwise ordinary people had been given permission to morph into something very dark and very menacing. And it was the glee they showed, when you badmouthed Clinton, say, or boasted about building a wall to keep out people suffering abuse seeking refuge, or spoke admiringly of our Republican U.S. Representative body slamming a reporter, that was the most alarming.

I didn’t vote for you, Mr. Trump; but you are still my president. That rally you held in Missoula was paid for by my tax dollars – as are all the other very many rallies you’ve been staging across the country. My tax dollars pay for Air Force One, and for the Secret Service agents who protect you at these events. I had every right as an American citizen to attend that rally. And I had every right as a citizen, protected by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, to express my sentiments while there. When I and my Quaker colleague raised our simple banner expressing support for Montana’s Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester (whom you go out of your way to vilify and attack, simply because he fulfills his obligation to his constituents by representing our interests), I fully anticipated what would happen next. But that doesn’t make it right, Mr. Trump. Nor does it make it legal.

As soon as my companion and I raised that banner, the crowd around us began seething with ugliness. People started snatching at the banner, attempting to pull it out of our hands. A burly man dressed all in black grabbed me and began shouting at me to leave. When I didn’t hustle along fast enough for his satisfaction, he threatened to have me arrested. When I asked what law I’d broken, he said he didn’t have to tell me. He shouted at me that your rally was a private event, and that I was not welcome (this in spite of the fact that the Missoula rally, and all your political rallies, are paid for with public dollars). He roughhoused me out the gate and came very close to throwing me to the ground.

I’m glad I attended your rally, Mr. Trump – glad I experienced your venom and your hatred and your lying firsthand. I needed to see that; I needed to bear witness to the ways in which you are rallying your base and inciting violence. I needed to see firsthand the ways in which you are laying the foundation for things unspeakable yet to come. Before now, I didn’t quite believe those who say that what we are witnessing in your presidency is akin to what happened in Germany when Hitler was ascendant. But now I do – and I am horrified and afraid.

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Trump proves he is not a President of the people of the USA. He is a cult leader of an extremist minority bent on gaining ABSOLUTE POWER, and ABSOLUTE CONTROL.