The Ties that Bind | Heavenletters

The Ties that Bind | Heavenletters

When baby Moses drifted in his cradle through the bulrushes, who surmised what good fortune awaited him and the world?

The same is true for when Joseph’s brothers sold him down the river. No one on Earth guessed Joseph would become such a ruler with good fortune for all.

Who on Earth sees in bright light what is about to befall a minute from now? The experience that you receive may not at all be anything you would choose, yet here you are. This is the experience that reaches you. Please do not fight your life tooth and nail. No matter how tragic you perceive what occurs, there is something in the experience therein that will bring out the best in you. Cry your heart out, if you must, and then be as forthright and brave and rise to the occasion with your back straight.

There may be much you would not invite and which you do not welcome, yet it is yours to grow with. However you may weep in your heart, still there is gold in it for you. Maybe you are to learn humility. Maybe you are to learn boldness. Maybe you will bless others as the dawn meets the day. You may be given great blessings. There are modern-day miracles waiting for you as well.

You may learn to heap good on others’ behalf that you would never have had an opportunity to do had you not gone through what you have seen as deep suffering.

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