Trump ‘self-destructing’ as GOP heads into midterm with more of a fear based whimper than a roar

Trump ‘self-destructing’ as GOP heads into midterm with more of a whimper than a roar

“He was really upset the momentum had been killed by the pipe bombs,” one Republican close to the White House told Vanity Fair. Thus, Trump’s unconscionable “Bomb stuff” tweet lamenting what a shame it was that pipe bombs intended to kill Democrats were slowing GOP momentum at the polls.

Now, it’s catch as catch can: CNN and the media, birthright citizenship, terrorists among the migrants, troops at the border.

“All of this feels like Hail Mary passes—throw red meat to drive turnout,” a former West Wing official said. “In a way, the Kavanaugh bump peaked too early.” Oh, what could have been if only Trump’s conspiracy theories hadn’t literally been weaponized.

As one might expect, Trump is kinda losing it given the turn of events. “The president is self-destructing,” one former White House official said.

Buckle up, the week to come is going to be grim.

via Daily Kos Trump ‘self-destructing’ as GOP heads into midterm with more of a whimper than a roar

fear creates hatred creates projection creates doublethink creates suffering

AGR; Everything is accelerating… Trump’s lies have grown and doubled in frequency. Hate and fear based violence/deaths have doubled in the last year. Fear and hatred are self destructive in all ways, in all directions.

But consciousness is also increasing at a quickening pace. The birth is happening, despite it being invisible to just about everyone in mass media.

Resistance to this birth into a new multi dimensional way of living is futile. Resistance is possible, but it means going deeper into the delusional illusion of fear and hatred, along with all of the karma that this brings. Many are mistakenly trying to hold on and resist, while others are choosing to hate the ones stuck in illusion. Both sides are stuck in illusion.

Why not let go of the shore and flow in the river of unconditional love and gratitude? The living waters are just fine, why not come in and enjoy them?

Either you get to enjoy and participate in the birth, or you get stuck in the cold, dark delusional illusions of hatred and fear outside. The consequences may be forever, so choose wisely.