Danish Doctor Issues Warning about HPV Vaccine: “The Vaccine Should be Stopped Immediately!”

Danish Doctor Issues Warning about HPV Vaccine: “The Vaccine Should be Stopped Immediately!”

It should be known that Merck, the manufacturer of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, has stated in their Gardasil Product Information Leaflet, that there are over 45 side-effects which may be experienced after Gardasil injections and that this occurs in 3.2% of those injected and that 1/3 of these are serious (life-threatening) side effects. Despite this, The Danish Health Authority wants concrete medical evidence that it’s Gardasil that triggers these serious side effects in some of the vaccine users. Merck’s own figures correspond to Denmark’s experience in that about 20.000 youngsters have side effects, including around 6-7000 so serious that the survivors end up confined to bed 24-7.

The proponents continue to argue that the FDA and EMA (National Board of Health in the US and Europe) claim there are no serious side effects caused by Gardasil. But, their statements are based on a false premise. Furthermore, they keep saying that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Gardasil contains among other things aluminum adjuvant nanoparticles, and it is this that promotes negative side effects by hitting the mitochondria, triggering autoimmune reactions, and interfering with the body’s hormones which regulate metabolism and menstruation. One of the symptoms frequently exhibited is severe tiredness. The pregnant have an increased tendency to miscarriages and often give birth early in the week from 24 to 28. Furthermore, the risk of experiencing cell changes in the cervix is increased by 45%, when you get vaccinated, if you have HPV virus in the body before vaccinated.

The nano-adjuvanted aluminum particles are so small they can pass through the blood vessels into the tissue, pass through the blood-brain barrier and destroy the sections of the brain resulting in neurological failure symptoms such as Guillain-Barré. The particles can also pass from the pregnant mother to the placenta to the fetus. Babies can be born with side effects such as increased irritability, poor sucking ability, severe fatigue, skin changes, and other sequelae. Aluminum nano-particles also can be transmitted through breast milk to the child, so the child’s symptoms gradually get worse if it has side effects at birth.

The HPV vaccine is not required to prevent cervical cancer. There is no evidence that the HPV vaccines prevent cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is not tested to see if it causes cancer itself. All women should instead take a pap smear every 3 years from 23 years of age until they die, and a pap smear if they experience unusual bleeding.

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