To Be Alive is Not a Hiding Game | Heavenletters

To Be Alive is Not a Hiding Game | Heavenletters

Beloved, I say it again. Don’t obscure yourself from yourself. I do not ask you to go through the motions of being alive. I say: Be alive. Be aware of what you amount to. Do not downplay yourself. Do not play possum. Be bold enough to be exactly you as you are. Expand yourself. Do not pretend yourself away. You are not smokescreen. Be as you are. There is no hiding yourself as if you must flee from public view.

If you stultify yourself, you dissemble. Be forthright. You are not here in life to negate yourself. Be not a backward pretender to the throne. Don’t dare convey once again that you are less than I say you are. Who deserves to be you if not you? Don’t remove markers from your very Being. Never are you to affirm yourself less than I and your dreams say you are. Swear to Me. Be the real backlash you are. There is nothing too big for you to be. You don’t have to prove yourself . You are exactly Who I say you are.

Do not deny Me My mastery.

At whatever age you happen to be, your age is not the key point of you, the same way your line of work isn’t who you are in your entirety, the same way the color of your skin isn’t the whole of you, and the way your temperament is also not the whole of you, nor what country you were born in nor where you live now isn’t your identity. The kinds of books you read are also only a part of you.

You are also a soul that you may not be so familiar with. I would say that your soul tells Who you really are, stranger as you may be to your own Self. You are more your soul than anything else. We can also say you’re more My Child than anything else you can be.

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