Thrive In Joy And Peace

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Better than tossing out your troubles, become a juggler of joy. What would give you joy today? Toss it up right now. Off with the old, and on with the new. What is precious for you or precious for anyone else, bring it on. You have some say in your day. Call today to you. Raise your sights. Hallelujah! There is a treasure for you today.

At the least, polish your new belt buckle. Sweep the porch. Water the flowers. Sprinkle attention on the world as you desire. Contemplate joy. Make joy. Right now is the perfect time.

There is great value in not holding over yesterday. Whereas yesterday may have held lightning and thunder, now the sun is shining. Note this. Today is a new day. Yesterday is over. If you didn’t enjoy yesterday, then let it go. Do you desire to relive yesterday? If you must rehash something, while you are at it, rehash joy. Today your life is new. Get on with the new. Certainly, don’t go along with the past. Welcome the new. Get life into high gear. Open your heart day by day.

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