Canadian-Born Senator Ted Cruz Of Texas Actively Intervened For A Canadian Uranium Mining Company Against A US State (Virginia); But Accuses Virginia Of Subversion (Against The British Crown?)

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Canadian born Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has actively intervened on behalf of a Canadian (uranium) mining company, against a US State (Virginia), along with Senators Cotton of Arkansas and Inhofe of Oklahoma.

They accuse Virginia of subversion for trying to protect its environment, whereas they are clearly the subversives, trying to undermine the right of a US state to protect itself from a foreign mining company. They have intervened in a Supreme Court case against Virginia: “To prevent state subversion of a critical national policy“, they claim. But, US States have the right to regulate (uranium) mining on non-Federal land.

Perhaps they are accusing Virginia of being subversive to the British Crown? Indeed. It was called the American Revolution: “The history of Virginia in the American Revolution begins with the role the Colony of Virginia played in early dissent against the British government and…

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