Stepping Stones

Many of you are poised to move into great change in your lives and expect to move directly from where you are to your end result. Depending on how big of a change of circumstance you are intending to create, the vibrational leap may be too large to do all in one step. That is where stepping stones come in.

You may very well start to notice small changes coming into your awareness that aren’t your end goal. These are blessings from the flow of unfoldment, designed to move you forward in a way that is far more comfortable for you. Please see these for what they are! Do not say no to them for they will serve a great purpose along the way.

Dear Ones, please know the unfoldment is designed with your success and comfort in mind. Have faith in the flow. Trust. Know big changes happen one Now moment at a time. Embrace that big transformational change can happen all at once but more often than not your transformation comes in incremental steps. It is all wonderful, and all part of supportive movement that will make perfect sense when you look back on it in retrospect. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Monday November 5, 2018

Big changes happen by using small stepping stones, one at a time. Celebrate the small victories, and the small progress, and the small beginnings.