92-Year-Old Georgia Voter Blocked – 500,000 Georgians Secretly Purged From Voting Rolls – Greg Palast

92-Year-Old Georgia Voter Blocked – Greg Palast

Christine Jordan, aged 92, was blocked from voting today, thrown out of the polls with her walker — just one victim of Kemp’s mass cancellation of voter registrations — more than half a million Georgians purged in the night, stealthily, hidden from the public eye.

That’s why I sued Kemp last month in a federal court in Atlanta. To find out the names of every voter, including Grandma Jordan, and expose exactly how Kemp has made their voting rights vanish.

Jordan has been “voting right here since 1968,” says her granddaughter Jessica Lawrence, the year Martin Luther King was shot. Jordan’s vote registration has vanished, no record she EVER voted, though she tells me she’s never missed a vote in these 50 years.

No points for guessing Grandma Jordan is African-American.

And she had no warning, because Brian Kemp’s purge machine strikes with no notice sent. I reviewed my investigative files with Stacey Abrams back in 2014. She told me that what worried her more than anything about Kemp is that, “He is doing this stealthily.”

Abrams also was deeply concerned that our investigation found Kemp was working in secret coordination with Kris Kobach of Kansas. Our new legal actions revealed that Kobach supplied 108,000 of the names that Kemp purged. Purged in secret.

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It took a federal lawsuit — which I filed jointly with #VotingRights advocate Helen Butler — to force #BrianKemp to divulge the names and addresses of more than half a million voters whose registrations he cancelled in a single year, 2017. https://t.co/lUoCm5ne2t#ElectionDay

92-year old Christine Jordan is just one of more than 340,134 Georgians #BrianKemp has purged from the voter rolls based on dead-wrong evidence they’d moved from the state or from their home county https://t.co/Db23QOVpW2 #ElectionDay#Midterms2018