Trump, a Constitutional Crisis, and Ethics in America | The Secular Jurist

Trump, a Constitutional Crisis, and Ethics in America | The Secular Jurist

Furthermore, even if Trump’s acting AG has not yet committed any obstruction of the Russia investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the circumstances surrounding the appointment certainly do violate ethics rules defined as the appearance of impropriety.  See:

Code of Conduct for United States Judges – Canon 2: A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities


Naval Inspector General – Appearance of Impropriety

This is what highly respected historian Michael Beschloss said yesterday after the firing of Sessions, from:  ‘Ten Times Worse Than Nixon’: Historian Sounds The Alarm After Trump Fires Sessions

If this is going the way it looks, this is ten times worse than Nixon because, let’s look, if this leads to let’s say the firing of Robert Mueller or the substantial limiting of this investigation – ten times worse than Nixon. Because let’s look at what Donald Trump has done here. Let’s first look at the Supreme Court. He now has a five justice majority on the Supreme Court. The fifth justice is the one person of all those people on that federalist society list that has the most extreme views of permitting a president not to be investigated, not to be indicted, not to be subpoenaed, use pardons to help himself. There is no doubt in my mind that the reason why Brett Kavanaugh is on the court tonight is because Donald Trump wanted him to be reliable if a Trump case could come to the court. And remember, that was a vacancy that Donald Trump created by encouraging Anthony Kennedy maybe to resign from the court earlier than expected so that it would be Brett Kavanaugh in this position tonight and not Anthony Kennedy who might have been a little bit more in a position to stand up to Donald Trump. And then on the other side, this is a president who now looks as if he’s very directly not only firing the attorney general and putting in someone to replace him, who is by most accounts, by most accounts, not terribly qualified. By some accounts a political hack. By almost all accounts someone who can be relied upon to be completely obedient to President Trump.

Here’s how we arrived at this constitutional crisis which now poses an existential threat to American democracy and the rule of law:

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