Has America Gone Insane?

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 It’s rather telling that we are a culture that exploits the earth – a fundamentally feminine entity and creator of life – throwing it out of balance in the name of war, consumerism and progress. To combat this hyper masculine system, we need to live in reality and that means fundamentally dismantling the patriarchal system of domination fueled by consumerism. We must release the fear that global capitalism and exploitation of the earth are the only ways for us to exist in the world.

Truthdig Jeffrey Bowers / The Vimeo Blog  November 6, 2018

Author, activist and Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. (Vimeo screen grab)

What does United States of America stand for nowadays if political division is at an all time high? Is it still the land of the free if America has the highest rate of incarceration in the world? Are we still the home of the brave…

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One thought on “Has America Gone Insane?”

  1. USA is insane.
    Mass shootings growing. All crazy frikin Trump idiots. Criminal threats on the internet. In public by Trump asses. People just stand by and passive-aggressively condone it while they are getting screwed by Trump and the republicans too.

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