Armistice Day & the Resurrection of the Old Lie | OffGuardian

Armistice Day & the Resurrection of the Old Lie | OffGuardian

The lasting legacy of World War I is a decreased trust in authority. A race memory of a lie that killed fifteen million people whilst enriching a few hundred. A deep trauma that proves, beyond doubt, that we are children of a father who does not love us. A wound, unaddressed and unhealed in the century since.

The world is very different now. But it’s also just the same.

Our increasingly authoritarian system of government needs a biddable underclass, people who can be bullied and manipulated into acting against their own interests. Lemmings happy to be herded off cliffs, with broad smiles on their faces.

That’s what pro-World War I propaganda is about…not a war in the past, but a war in the future. The NEXT war. The one they want to be able to sell us, in the same way, when the time comes.

That struggle is behind countless issues to this day. Lowering standards of education. Increased poverty. Debt. Starvation. Racism. Censorship. These are not accidental by-products of greed or corruption or incompetence…but deliberate policy choices. Required ingredients for the type of social structure that has existed for 90% of human civilisation – a system of peasants and kings.

They want a people who pay their meat tax, work their zero hours contracts, and don’t trust the unions. People who hate the people they’re told to hate and don’t mind being spied on. People who believe everything they read in the papers and do what they’re told. Just like in the good old days.

via Armistice Day & the Resurrection of the Old Lie | OffGuardian

Nationalism and fascism is rising globally, just like before WWI and WWII. Will people allow WWIII, just like they did these other world wars?

The next global war will not be winnable, and will result in the extinction of humanity. Is it worth waging war anymore, when nuclear weapons are poised, ready to fire for no reason at all, except the whim of a fascist leader bent on ‘winning’ at any cost?