Veterans Day Is Armistice Day, November 11, 2018; When Will Humanity Wage Peace With The Same Intensity And Passion That It Wages War With? War Has Been Made Illegal, So Why Are Armies Still Bombing And Killing Civilians In Cities? | A Green Road Journal

“For Whom the Bell Tolles,” a 100 years ago… World leaders join together to remember the end of the tragedy that was WWI. “85 million troops killed. 21 million wounded. This was the horror of Nationalism, that gripped the World then. And Nationalism is attempting to establish itself again, across our Globe.

This Nationalism, also known as Fascism… slattered and burned their own before turning to attack and destroy its neighbors, near and far.

“Nationalism is the opposite of Patriotism.” McCone softly declared in his speech to our World, today*

Earlier, Trump couldn’t be bothered to stand in the rain with ‘all’ other Leaders, to honor the dead and the wounded soldiers, these, returning, mostly sick and extremely ill, Veterans… these 106 million souls. Trump has no respect for or knowledge of history.

Trump is a disgrace to all that America once stood for. … our Soldiers, and our Veterans He is UNFIT and incompetent on all levels. He desperately needs to be impeached, thrown out of office, then prosecuted for his crimes. (If any)
* (both POTUS and Hitler, are and were, proud Nationalists)”

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