40 years ago, this journalist survived the Jonestown massacre. He warns it could happen again.

Repeating Islands

A report by Caitlin Gibson for The Washington Post.

Forty years ago, Charles Krause lay on the tarmac of a remote jungle airstrip in Guyana, shot in the hip, holding still and pretending to be dead.

A Washington Post foreign correspondent at the time, Krause had come to South America along with California congressman Leo J. Ryan and his entourage to visit a remote cult compound known as Jonestown.

Ryan had constituents who had joined the agricultural commune following the charismatic, self-titled reverend Jim Jones and his California-based Peoples Temple. After hearing reports from concerned family members — who claimed that temple members were held there against their will, assaulted and abused — the congressman decided to fly down to investigate, accompanied by several members of the press.

But Jones had no intention of allowing the visitors to leave and dispatched several of his armed followers on a flatbed…

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