Haiti is now almost completely deforested

Repeating Islands


A report by Bryan Nelson for Mother Nature Network.

If you want to see just how destructive runaway deforestation can be to a major landmass, you need look no further than Haiti. The Caribbean nation was once covered in trees, with 60 percent of its landmass forested. Today, the country’s original primary wooded areas are almost barren. It’s an environmental catastrophe of immense proportions, reports Phys.org.

Now a new analysis of how this deforestation is affecting the animal species that once called these jungles home is equally as stark. Researchers are calling it a “mass extinction.”

“Species extinction is usually delayed until the last habitats are gone, but mass extinction appears imminent in a small number of tropical countries with low forest cover,” said S. Blair Hedges, one of the project collaborators. “And mass extinction is already happening in Haiti because of deforestation.”

The project found that Haiti’s…

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