Monitors check for radiation release after nuclear waste site blast

Monitors check for radiation release after waste site blast –

BOISE, Idaho — Air monitoring systems were set up Tuesday to check for low-level nuclear radiation and other harmful contaminants following a powerful weekend blast at a hazardous waste site in Idaho that killed a worker, destroyed a building and damaged other structures, an official said.

Results were not yet available from the monitors installed at the US Ecology site about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Boise, said Albert Crawshaw of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

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  1. Remember the asses, that said nuclear waste does not generate heat and gas, as dr. Busby maintained. They say nuclear waste cannot explode from it.

    Spooks , psyops, operatives , paid disinformants. A couple of them push hormesis, that tritium is hormetic and not dangerous, that geiger counters cannot detect excess radionuclides in the envronment and air.

    See how they use cambridge analytica generated conspiracy ideations, to distract from the massive fallout of the Santa Susana fires! It was energy beams that caused the fires and devastation at santa susana , in california and all over the us. !

    Lets forget about the massive radioactive waste problems like Santa susana, idaho, at every reactor, at san onofre, nevada, WIPP, andrews odessa, hanford, kentucky Thes TVA, ohio, st louis etc etc etc

    The ongoing generation of millionss of tons of the shit by nuclear reactors, uranium mining, nuclear weapons creation, military and sic medical research, nuclear warships , du munitions.
    The nukepukes , the lets-compromise-because -it-does-not-matter-nihilist nuke puke types , the agenda operatives and their nested doubleagents have mucho tricks.

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