God Calls You to Him II | Heavenletters

God Calls You to Him II | Heavenletters

Oneness is! You and I have always been One. One. One. There is to be no surprise that Oneness is established on Earth forevermore.

I sweep you up now in a stream of Truth and Images of Oneness of My listening to you and your listening to Me. Innocently, you accept the Words offered to you the same way as little children receive snowflakes on their tongue to melt. Wonders of Wonders, My thoughts circle in the Heavens for you as lightly as air.

You say:

“God,’ I ask, “do thoughts occur to me as they occur to you? Can this be? Do Your thoughts fall on me?

“I may have heard thoughts from You, God, as a matter of course, all my life. Is this true that you have always been talking to Me? Have You whispered to me in the middle of the night and in broad daylight?”

Beloved, I, God of Oneness, tell you that My thoughts fall to Earth. You are swept up in a stream of thoughts that come from somewhere. How? Why? As ever, My thoughts fall to you. My thoughts are like a bird at hand – this isn’t new.

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