DDT: Week 96 – New ‘Normal’ for Thanksgiving

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Between tweets and personal appearances, Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) spent much of his “working” time early Thanksgiving week trying to deflect attention about real issues.

  • Issue: Investigating acting AG Matthew Whitaker; response, reference to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), new Intelligence Committee chairman, as “little Adam Schitt” while DDT’s wife continues her program against cyber bullying.
  • Issue: Concerns from retired Adm. Bill McRaven, the former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, about DDT’s attack on the free press; response,false claim that McRaven is a “Hillary Clinton fan” and didn’t capture Osama bin Ladin in a timely fashion.
  • Issue: The deadliest fire in California history; response,lies about “gross mismanagement of the forests” because they didn’t rake the forest as Finland does. (Fact: Finland has an early warning system, aerial surveillance system, and an extensive network of forest roads; the country also pays local aviation clubs to fly…

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One thought on “DDT: Week 96 – New ‘Normal’ for Thanksgiving”

  1. It sucks for me to know that i am living in a place where most of the food i can afford and, get is laced with pesticides. Where there are mountains of garbage and plastic shit everywhere. Where the air is full of particulate, carbon monoxide, heavy metal poisons, and who knows what else. Same for the water. The gross pollution is as bad in rural areas, the air and water quality is too.

    A country and place where no matter where you go, people spend most of their time in shitwagons driving around buying shit they do not need or more contaminated food . This will be a great season for ebay and amazon as well. I am sure!
    When people are not driving and buying, they are being hyperentertained in consumer fantasyland or brainwashed by cable news.
    Then some go to church on sunday, where this lifestyle is condoned and encouraged, though it is grossly bereft of any spiritual or contemplative value.

    Pretty much a fake self-devouring society.
    If u aint into playing the game.u r largely not welcome. You are isolated.poor and rich alike.

    What a fuked up country what a fuked up loser president and government of crooks

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