God Calls

God Calls You to Him III | Heavenletters

Assuredly, there is benefit for all to desire to move closer to Me. This is My desire. It cannot be otherwise. No one can make a mistake by yearning to come to Me. Without exception, closer to Me is where I want you and where you belong. No one is to take asunder what I put together.

My light shines on all.

Know this: Every Soul will receive Me, and every Soul does. I give Myself fully to every single Soul. Regardless of how you may see it, there is no least. Someone in a coma may be communicating deeply to the benefit of the world.

At the same time as We are One, I am God Almighty, and God Almighty welcomes all. I do not have a secret society. No one is kept away, evicted, overlooked. The more the merrier.

A chain of love enjoins all throughout the Universe, including the Whole of Heaven and Consciousness. The extant world may make categories of one kind or another. I don’t. Simple Oneness is A-0K with Me.

“Oneness is Mine,” sayeth the Lord.

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