God is at the Helm | Heavenletters

God is at the Helm | Heavenletters

Give good will to every soul you meet. You don’t have to cater or placate. It could be that your own life isn’t peachy keen. You can, however, be an uplifting presence and not discourage another.

Yes, Beloved, I am at the helm. Still, give Me a hand. Why not you, dear one, wherever you are? Why not you, dear one, lead the way?

Be a breath of fresh air. Pull out the chairs. Pour the tea. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

It takes so little to save the world. It is no sacrifice. What is this pride you give homage to? Beloved, what do you think you are giving up? Perhaps you were offended once. Be you not too proud to let offense go. Offense is not yours to collect. Offense is yours to let go of.

If you must collect, collect good nature and give it away right and left.

When someone has a headache, I know you would give him or her an aspirin regardless of any long-ago hurts.

Now is the time to let go of hard feelings. Hard feelings do not serve.

Say fare thee well to hard feelings.

Get stumbling blocks out of the way. Begin anew. Empty the trash. Clear out closets. You don’t require excess baggage. Blocks are blocks. They hamper you.

Today is a new day. Enough of the old. Who wants yesterday’s heated-up food? Who wants to rehash yesterday’s old fragments? Start over today.

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