Denial and Depravity: The Conservative Conscience on Climate

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Disgusting display on Sunday talk shows this week as one after another troglodyte climate denier trotted out to give ‘the other side” of the catastrophic warnings from the world’s most distinguished scientists.

Still, the election this month was a watershed on the politics of climate. Video recap coming, stay tuned.

Max Boot in the Washington Post:

I admit it. I used to be a climate-change skeptic. I was one of those conservatives who thought that the science was inconclusive, that fears of global warming were as overblown as fears of a new ice age in the 1970s, that climate change was natural and cyclical, and that there was no need to incur any economic costs to deal with this speculative threat. I no longer think any of that, because the scientific consensus is so clear and convincing.

The Fourth National Climate Assessment, released Friday by the U.S. government…

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