8 thoughts on “ENE News update | Heal Fukushima”

  1. Enenews was taken over by partisn-profascist, protrump trolls in its last few years. Also taken over by teaparty conspiracy confabulists. They do not give a shit about closing reactors here, in Japan or anywhere. They do not give a shit about ending the coldwar nuclear weapon standoff. In fact they have made it worse. Nuclear weapons treaties broken, nuclear weapons for Saudie Arabia, the perpetrator of 911.

    More shady reactors in rightwing counties in eastern europe. Open decrepit reactors in Japan and nuclear arm them.

    The shady characters that commandeered enenews, in the last 3 years of it’s existence. It was a a lot of doublethink, intimidation, and jingo nonsense.

    They chased off wellinformed , good inentioned people. People like Dr. Goodheart, From a distance, dos dos, cisco, bones, flapdoodle, clamshellernh, joy, arclight and many others. In the end only the clique remained.

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  2. Enenews comments were commandered by a clique of trumptrolls , conspiracy ideators, and blatant disinfo agents, in its last 2 years. Most interest in discussing the ramifications of fukushima and nuclear, was thrown out the window by rightwing trolls with political agendas other than nuclear or fukushima information.

    The prelude to the downfall, came with explicit calls of fascism before trump came on the scene. Cambridge analytica generated doublespeak and doublethink, propaganda became the means to the end . Meaningful dialogue thrown out the window.
    In the end only a small clique of the same goon squad, was all that was left. The last two years was dominated by altright (which we now know is synonomous with protofascism, white nationalism, neonazis, jingoistic patriotism) ideologues and blatant trumptrolls. Ideologues who justifify continued nuclear armament and mostly petty embellishments of rightwing politics unrelated to fukushima or nuclear issues.
    Ask the antinuclear advocates that once posted on enenews, they know. Joy, clamshellernh, from a distance, oldster, CaptainD.

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  3. Do they point to Dr Busby, Dr Caldicott, and all the antinuclear advocates now on twitter and, everywhere else were always pronuclear, like certain fake antinuke trolls and partisans claim?


    1. Dr Busby, Dr Caldicott and others have been and still are anti nuclear. Not sure what you are pointing at. They have been and still are pointed at and focused on by Enenews archives. The archives also contain huge debates between anti and pro nuclear shills, with very interesting results.


      1. A green road daily news, Mining Awareness, Beyond Nuclear International continue to be dependable sites, with integrity about nuclear issues. They are Pronuke Shill-free sites. They are not ambiguous. That is good.

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