Perfect vision

It takes me a while to get a real feel for the prevalent energies of a new year.  Usually I’ll start to receive bits and pieces of information about it as we get closer to it, but I often won’t get the full understanding of a new year’s energy until we have entered it.  But Gabriel has given me this little nugget a couple of times now in private sessions, and it makes me giggle.  He says, “2018 has been a year of complete and total transformation. 2019 is the bridge of increasing clarity about what that transformation means for you, which will lead you to the year 2020, the year of perfect vision.” And then he laughs heartily at his own joke. He cracks me up sometimes.

I know this year has been a tough one in so many ways. I thought you might appreciate a little glimpse of where we are going, and also share a chuckle at Gabriel’s sense of humour. Have a wonderful day!

PS. Unfortunately humour doesn’t always translate well into other languages, and I’ve had people message me to ask me why this is funny.  In North America when you get your eyes examined at the eye doctors, 20/20 vision is considered perfect eyesight. This is why Gabriel is calling 2020 the year of perfect vision. 🙂

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Monday December 3, 2018