Exploring The Dark Side Of HW Bush ’41’ | Zero Hedge

Exploring The Dark Side Of Bush ’41’ | Zero Hedge

Like the Nazis his father did good business with, Bush wanted a New World Order – and spoke of it lovingly and often. And now it’s upon us, in no small measure because of his machinations and those of his frog-torturing, mass-murdering, war criminal son – who was elevated to the position from which he was able to commit mass murder solely on the juice provided by his connected father.

The entire Bush family is a crime syndicate that puts the Corleones to shame (with George W. Bush playing the role of Fredo).

Bush Sr. – who wasn’t in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and not a CIA officer at the time – was later proved to be both of those things. His leprous fingerprints are all over the termination of the last American president who wasn’t a wholly owned subsidiary of the military industrial complex.

The Bush family was also good friends with another family. The Hinckley family. And then a curious thing happened on March 30, 1981.

And the leprous hands assumed control of the tiller. The chastened Gipper knew where things stood after that.

In due course, the anointed one officially assumed the purple – and we got the No New Taxes his lips told us not to read.

He then worked with Clintigula to stomp Ross Perot, who told us all what was going to happen as a result of the “free trade” deals being stuffed down the throats of the American people like a pate de foi gras goose.

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