The Opposite of Evil Is No Longer Goodness

Openhearted Rebellion

lady-liberty-getting-arrested Lady Liberty getting arrested. “Being ‘good’—kind and honest with those we touch directly—is admirable and desirable, but we need more,” writes the author. “It’s time to elevate another virtue: courage.” (Democracy Spring – April 2016)

By Frances Moore Lappé,Common Dreams

Thanks to Conscious Life News

My headline is provocative, so let me quickly explain, starting with a huge claim about what’s unique about our world in this moment. Then I ask, What, right now, is most required of our species?

Our era has been dubbed the Anthropocene because for the first time we humans are making our mark on the entire planet.  Isn’t it high time we nail down the most basic traits of this master species—traits that will determine how it might handle responsibility of such magnitude…a whole planet?

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