Vaccines Don’t Prevent Disease: They SPREAD It!

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While vaccines are branded as a type of cure for disease, studies show that they actually cause and spread disease (5). As many as 80 percent of people continue to “shed” and spread the virus for a full week after being vaccinated.

Image: There isn’t just one good reason to avoid the flu shot – there are 10The human brain isn’t exactly a fan of flu shots, as studies show that people who get them have a substantially higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia (6). People who get flu shots have a tenfold increased risk of Alzheimer’s, in fact, which is due to the shot’s inflammatory effects inside the body and brain.

Why do people just roll over and take the Jab?? There are plenty of reasons not to!

Vaccines Are The Main Delivery System For The Globalist/Bilderberg Elite Eugenics-Depopulation Agenda!

Yikes! Glyphosate – the toxic herbicide ingredient – is found in vaccines

According to recent independent laboratory studies conducted on multiple samples of…

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