Where were you when Q Cult arrested Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at George Bush’s funeral?

Where were you when Q arrested Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at George Bush’s funeral?

If you’re not a member of the Q-immunity, you might not be aware of just how important yesterday really was. December 5 was the day. D-5 Day. The Coming of the Storm. The Avalanche of Truth. The Great Awakening. The day on which secret agent/hidden avenger/true heart of the Trump White House ‘Q’ brought down Trump’s enemies. Yesterday was the date the Deep State was ripped from its hidey hole and held up to the blinding light of righteous wrath! Right in front of the cameras of the world! Did you see it?

It’s been some months since we checked in on Bastard Son of Pizzagate. Since over that time Hillary Clinton has not been locked up and Donald Trump has inched ever closer to an orange jumpsuit, there might seem to be reasons for the Q faithful to be discouraged. But of course they are not. Because nothing says “Hi, I belong to a crazy cult” quite like the ability to reshape theories to fit any set of data.

Still, Wednesday had to be considered something of a special challenge. Under the hashtags #TheStormIsComing and #D5, Q Anon fanatics have spent weeks rubbing their hands in anticipation of the “greatest day in American history,” the day in which the veil would be removed, and everyone would learn that the Justice Department has been, all along, secretly investigating the pizza-basement-child-sex-traffic-drug-running-Deep-State ways of the Democratic Party. December 5 was supposed to be that day—the day when everyone would learn that Trump was not only right, but that there would barely be enough cells in the country to lock up all the people who needed locking.

via Daily Kos Where were you when Q arrested Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at George Bush’s funeral?

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  1. CONSPIRACY THEORIES Pro-Trump ‘journalist’: George H.W. Bush didn’t die of natural causes, he was ‘executed’ Sky Palma
    BySky PalmaPosted on December 5, 2018

    If you haven’t heard of Liz Crokin, here’s a brief rundown: She once claimed that there’s a Hillary Clinton sex tape that proves Pizza Gate is real. She said mudslides that destroyed Oprah Winfrey’s home were God’s punishment for her anti-Trump comments. She claimed that JFK. Jr. faked his death and is actually QAnon. She claimed that Satanic pedophiles are using vaccines and chemtrails for population control. She also claimed that a surfing accident she suffered was actually caused by “witchcraft” utilized by Hillary Clinton.

    Now that’s she’s been banned from Twitter, Crokin is working overtime to get her batshit crazy narrative out. In the wake of George H.W. Bush‘s death, she posted a video on her YouTube channel where she attempted to tie the former president’s death into her past claims that Trump-orchestrated mass arrests and executions are underway.

    As Right Wing Watch points out, Crokin is a proponent of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory, which claims that an anonymous high-ranking figure in the Trump administration is sending coded messages to 8Chan about a secret operation to take down a “satanic pedophile ring involving countless political, economic, and cultural leaders.”

    According to Crokin, her claim will reveal itself when mass arrests of D.C. political figures start to take place, which will ultimately result in military tribunals and executions.

    “There is a very good chance that the crimes against children will be exposed and the floodgates will break open,” Crokin said Sunday. “I don’t know for sure. I’m praying that will be the case, but whether it happens on [December] 5th or in a week or three weeks, it’s happening.”

    Crokin said that it was “no coincidence” that Bush died.

    “By the way, he didn’t die, he was executed,” she declared. “He was executed. So the tide has turned, you guys. The Q movement is unstoppable.”

    “The writing is on the wall. Nothing is going to stop these arrests from happening. Nothing. And this is going to be a big week. The world is about to change.”

    Watch the video below, :


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