Dust off the old, neglected or denied

Dear Ones, we highly recommend, as you put the finishing touches on the life review you’ve been immersed in this year, that you identify and explore any area of your life you used to be drawn to and passionate about that others encouraged you to abandon. Perhaps you loved to sing or make art and your family convinced you to let those activities go because they didn’t deem them as realistic career paths. Or perhaps you loved to play baseball or other sports but gave them up because you started a family and pushed your activities to the background in order to focus on your responsibilities.

Dear Ones, please know the advice others give you is based on what would be right for them and their own life expression. They simply are not qualified to speak on what your soul wishes to experience during your incarnation. They are not privy to that information because they only have the ability to see from their own vantage point.

The interests that you had were there for a reason – they brought you the joy of your soul’s self expression, and were as unique and important as your genetics. They were in place to support you and add immeasurably to your life expression. In fact, they were a means of creating alignment and balance in your life. They were your unique gifts that added to the mosaic of the whole.

So dust off those old dreams that you have put away in order to please others, or perhaps that you denied yourself in order to stay small and comply to societal expectations. How can you incorporate them into your life now in a way that matches who you are today? What did those interests or activities give you? Why did you love them? How can you embrace them now?

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Saturday December 8, 2018