Life Deferred | Heavenletters

Life Deferred | Heavenletters

Beloved, may you live well and long. May you know what is of significance and pledge yourself to what matters rather than to what is really not so important that you cannot leave it behind you when this is all you can do.

When all is said and done, when you sift through your imagined possessions, when the dust settles, what do you take with you? What fits into your heart and soul and leaves its mark on you? No one takes steamer trunks anymore these days. Who could ever fit so much in your baggage now? One handbag may be too much.

When you come, bring your heart and soul. You may not even care anymore about taking your diamond ring with you. What sentimental value do you even insist on taking with you now? You don’t want all your memories packed in any longer. The items you would have to take with you – you wouldn’t even bother to take them any longer. What are they to you now? Now you would like to travel light and be done with it.

You probably won’t have a desire to take anything more, as if anything physical matters to you now. Who up here in Heaven would want to glance through your keepsakes with you? And, when you are done, what then? Who wants a what then? No longer will there be a before or after.

What do you want to pore over within yourself any longer to speak of?

All your life long, you have had something important to say. Now, at this imminent moment, you can’t think of one thing. What can you not leave behind? Be glad to be freed from the past.

You want freedom.

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