Generation Hate, Rise Of Racist Right In EU – Middle East Monitor

Generation Hate – Middle East Monitor

History often throws up strange ironies but perhaps in this current period few are as strange as the march of the far right in Europe. It is, after all, a continent that only a generation ago was burnt to ashes by the followers of a far-right, racist ideology. Never again became the motto of the 20th century after the Nazis slaughtered millions in what was arguably the worst genocide in human history.

The episode has shaped Europe’s political psyche for the past 70 years. The European spirit was cultivated through its opposition to racism and ethnic nationalism. Europe vowed never to allow its citizens to be exploited again by irrational fear and hatred of its minorities; never again would Europe become the soil on which demagogues were permitted to cultivate the politics of hate, division and ethnic nationalism.

These promises, upon which post-war Europe was built, are now facing their biggest challenge, Generation Hate, a new two-part documentary on the far right across the continent, has revealed. The enemies within the gates who seek to undermine modern Europe’s foundations are familiar foes; racist ideologues who wish to return to an imagined European past populated solely by white and supposedly ethnically pure Europeans.

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