Keep Your Heart | Heavenletters

Keep Your Heart | Heavenletters

Beloved, it isn’t exactly that I say. It is more that I AM. I express Myself. I AM. I am not in arrears. I am current. I am instantaneous. Never have I been unspoken. On the deepest levels, always you hear Me deeply.

On the conscious level, you may not hear so clearly, yet you hear just the same. Never have I not been heard on the silent levels. I am known. I shake the rafters. You may not recall My exact words.

Words are secondary to Being. I am your very Being. I am not unknown to you. I am your very premise. You go deep. In truth, you do not miss a trick. All that I know, you also know, or We would not be Oneness, do you see?

It is inevitable that We are One. There are no two ways about it.

You can factor Me in. We are One. Oneness is. There is naught but Oneness. Never can Oneness be not. Never cannot there be Oneness. We are the One and the same. Known as the day is young or the day is old, We have always existed. Oneness is nothing new.

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