Our Covenant | Heavenletters

Our Covenant | Heavenletters

Consider that you are not lacking or lagging. Make a list of all the benefits you have received in life to this day as opposed to what you may think you are missing and may have been denied. The benefits win by a mile. What then is your complaint? Be gracious. What else can you be, Beloved?

It takes less effort to be grateful for all your blessings than to complain once. When you feel worn out, complaint is likely the reason why you are so tired. You are looking at the downside when you could be at the top of the arbor. Make good choices for where you put your attention. It is your attention after all. Remind yourself that you are made in My image. Don’t waste one moment feeling sorry for yourself. Be all the goodness you long for. Diminish what you don’t want and have had too much of based on your own point of view.

Want to know the secret of how to get what you want? I will tell you. Here it is:

Never mind that you think you didn’t receive. Go for what you want and never mind the rest. Be what you want to be. Take the bull by the horns. This is your one life right now. Give it your nod. Downplay what you don’t want. Be your own marching band. No feeling sorry for yourself. No crying: ”Wolf!”

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