Be True to Your Self | Heavenletters

Be True to Your Self | Heavenletters

Beloved, see how you grow. I see you grow right before My eyes. You may have had a hang-up or two. Life may seem to have been handed to you. You may focus on what you see in yourself as lacking. Better to believe Me, as I believe in the truth of you, Beloved.

You may have bought inaccurate handed-down pictures of yourself – ill-based rumors that you are not much at all.

When will you accept that you are an amazing Human Being soaring to Heaven at the speed of light?

Old biased pictures painted of you may never have been true. Still, you may have lived by it. No matter how untrue a portrait painted of you is, you tend to carry it round with you as proof of what? Inadequacy?

You are destined for Greatness. Catch up to yourself. Catch up to Me. Holy are you. You are good. Very good. I should know. I do know. Learn from Me and not from hearsay on the street.

Once upon a time, you were at the mercy of the world. Now you are at the will and mercy of My heart. Now My music rings true for you forevermore. Keep your ear set to truth. No longer listen to human error. Listen to God’s Truth. Spread My Truth around on Earth. Serve Me, and life on Earth will do a tailspin!

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