General Benedict Arnold: First US Military Hero; Then Traitor

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Suggesting that because General Michael Flynn served in the US military that he can’t be a traitor is both silly and shows that Americans don’t learn their own history anymore. General Benedict Arnold changed sides in the American Revolution apparently because he married a British loyalist, because of debt, and because of perceived enemies.

Arnold commanded West Point and had agreed to surrender it to the British for £20,000 (approximately $3.65 million in 2018 dollars—a move that would have enabled the British to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies.”é

Flynn’s service apparently had to do with following orders and invading other countries, not protecting the homeland. When came to that, he appeared happy to hand America over to Putin-Russia. Hopefully the FBI is watching Flynn, Jr., who has the profile of someone who is potentially dangerous.

According to this, Benedict Arnold was a Major…

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