It’s Beginning to Look Like a (Very Long) Shutdown, Thanks To Grinch

It’s Beginning to Look Like a (Very Long) Shutdown

The Congress adjourned Friday without reaching a deal on federal spending, closing down parts of the federal government. The press likes to call this a “limited” closure because it’s only 320,000 federal employees that are being furloughed (out of some 2 million workers). Another 400,000 workers are “excepted” and will be required to report for work without pay until a spending bill becomes law.

But that’s little consolation to those who work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, Housing and Urban Development, or Commerce, the Internal Revenue Service, or the other federal agencies that are now operating without funding from Congress. (The Environmental Protection Agency says it can operate a few more days on existing funds.)

via Truthout It’s Beginning to Look Like a (Very Long) Shutdown

The last government shutdown for 15 days cost 24 BILLION.

The Republicans have shut down the government 3 times in the last 2 years, despite having total control of all branches of government; total cost to economy of US may be up to 100 BILLION.

Republicans are willing to damage the economy and hurt government employees to get their way, while costing the economy in a huge way.

Only Grinch and his evil elves would think of not paying his workers during the Christmas Holiday.