Call Goodness to Yourself | Heavenletters

Call Goodness to Yourself | Heavenletters

Beloved, you have the cream of the crop to pick from. Your fate is more than one-sided. You have choices as to what to dwell on. You have more than one option. You have the contents of the whole Universe.

The idea that you are suffer is a man-made idea. I say kindly to you that it is primarily the world’s idea and not your idea that you must suffer. You mandate that you must suffer, and then you account for the reasons. You add them up. You have an open-ended list, and, as it happens, the more you think of the people in your life who seen ti foil you, the sadder you become. Is it not like this for you? . Herein is how you may seem to bear the brunt of the world, Beloved

Beloved, you are a fall guy only when you say you are. This is the picture you paint and the picture you keep looking at. Rather you are obliged to call goodness to yourself, so say I.

A new world is a-coming!

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