All of Life Is Rare and Precious | Heavenletters

All of Life Is Rare and Precious | Heavenletters

Everyone wants goodness on earth. If only everyone could agree as to what is good and what is not. It seems that there are infinite choices of every kind. Beloved, what cannot happen in this world of seeming chance?

There are many ways of ruling. One way of ruling is by saying no, just that, no tips the cart, like it or not. It’s fair or not fair depending on where you sit or not. No seems to rule the day. Sometimes it seems that all swords are crossed. How is it that sides where you were born when no side is a winning side – huh?

What is virtue, and what is due, and how much and who has the say?

Now bring Me into the mix. I am here. You are here. We are One now and forever.

Oneness is greater than forever and a day. One single day is a wonder of Creation and worth what I attest that you and I in deep, wide, and far terms, are Oneness Supreme and nothing less. I affirm that Oneness is the Highest Truth and the One to live by. When Oneness is blessed, then the One Heart of all is blessed.

On Earth, when Oneness seems to be left aside like a lady slipper in the dark brush, Oneness may be bereft of its crown.

In other terms. Oneness comes shining through. There is naught but Oneness. Oneness cannot be bereft of even a glimmer of its crown. You are Oneness. There is no departing from Oneness. You don’t go anywhere without Me. This is the meaning of Oneness. One is One. It is I who speaks, and it is I Who hears. I am you, and you are I. Oneness alone is. Hip hip hooray!

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