Reversing Insulin Resistance – The Insulin Magnesium Story

Reversing Insulin Resistance – The Insulin Magnesium Story

Low serum and intracellular magnesium concentrations are associated with insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, and decreased insulin secretion. [3],[4],[5] Magnesium improve insulin sensitivity thus lowering insulin resistance. Magnesium and insulin need each other. Without magnesium, our pancreas won’t secrete enough insulin–or the insulin it secretes won’t be efficient enough–to control our blood sugar.

Magnesium in our cells helps the muscles to relax but if we can’t store magnesium because the cells are resistant then we lose magnesium which makes the blood vessels constrict, affects our energy levels, and causes an increase in blood pressure. We begin to understand the intimate connection between diabetes and heart disease when we look at the closed loop between declining magnesium levels and declining insulin efficiency.

Though it would be a long stretch of the longest giraffe’s neck to compare insulin with chlorophyll we are walking a trail at the very nuclear core of life. It’s the magnesium trail and we find to our surprise that it takes us into intimate contact with the very structure and foundation of life. The dedication of this article is to the beauty of magnesium, to its meaning in life, in health and in medicine.

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  1. The best way to help reverse insulin resistance is to go on a Paleo, fruit and veg diet . To eliminate all junk food starch, canned goods and sugar from your diet. To give up caffeine. To do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily


  2. Not defending this horrendous, toxic, society and it’s sadistic medical practices. The way things are now, if ya live long enough, you will die of cancer.

    Mesothelioma is a virtually, untreatable, lethal cancer. It is caused by Jagged-radioactive asbestos fibers, that are irreversibly embedded in mesothelial tissue . The asbestos fibers irradiate the vulnerable mesothium with alpha particles, till it becomes cancerous.

    There is a lot of credence being laid, to radionuclides burdens causing untreatable adenocarcinoma in the pancreas. 4 percent survival rate 24 months post diagnosis even with chemotherapy

    Doxirubicin and taxitere are typically used in protocols for stage 4 breast cancers where there is metasticised cancer and inflammatory cancer. That is, the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes.

    Taxitere is a natural product from the yew tree.

    These drugs are used when there is a slim chance for survival.

    My friends wife was diagnosed with 4b inflammatory breast cancer, one month after she gave birth to her first and, only child at age 36.

    Her local cancer center gave her 3 months to live, so she went to the most aggressive cancer treatment center in America for help.

    She had a double mastectomy, several lymph glands removed from her arms and armpits. She had 3 rounds of cisplaten, doxirubicin, and taxitere chemotherapy. She also had radiation therapy to top it off. The chemo irreversibly ravaged her body and made her bald.

    She has lives to see her only daughter grow into a young woman, age 25. That is 25 years survival. Fancy that.

    Now she has bone cancer. The bone cancer is probably from the radiation therapy, they used to completely eradicate the metasticised breast cancer she had.

    The only way she could eat, while getting the radical chemo and radiation treatment, was to use cannabis for the nausea. Nothing else worked.


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